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What is an Interior Designer?

When it comes time to decorate your new home there are only three options: interior decorator, interior designer, or on your own. While a growing number of young couples are choosing option c, most homeowners still hire a professional to do the job for them. In this article we will discuss the difference between these two professionals.

The most popular misconception when it comes to home decoration is that an interior designer and an interior decorator are kinda-sorta the same thing. Let's put that nasty rumour to rest, shall we? A designer and a decorator are not even remotely the same thing.

Professionally trained

To begin with, an interior designer is professionally-trained and educated. She must receive her four-year degree from an accredited school of design. At college she studies design and architecture, so that she has an intimate understanding of space and structure. After graduation, she must pass a licencing exam. No, this is not a job for the curtain shop, Essex.

By comparison, an interior decorator has no formal education and no licence. She need only complete a perfunctory certificate course and she is free to offer her services to the public. While her fees are more affordable, her services are quite limited. The designer is not trained to read blueprints and she will not be able to work with the architect.

It is also important to remember that an interior designer is a licenced professional and as such she must answer to a licencing board. So, if she messes something up terribly and refuses to fix it, the homeowner has a legal recourse. There is no such recourse when it comes to interior decorators.

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