Affiliate Disclosure

Kate Mackenzie who creates the content for this site, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate program allowing site owners a way to earn referral fees by linking to products for sale on or Please be aware posts on this site may include Amazon affiliate links.

If you make a purchase through an Amazon link, the site owner, in this case, Kate Mackenzie will earn a referral commission.

About Affiliate Links

For those who are not familiar with affiliate links and programs, it means the link contains a tracking code unique to the publisher, who will earn a small commission should you purchase through the link. The cost of the item is exactly the same to you whether you buy through an affiliate link or not, and affiliate earnings help pay for the upkeep of sites as well as afford content creators a little compensation for their invested time.

If I link to a product form Mac and Mac Interiors, with an affiliate link it is because I personally have used it, and would buy it again, or because I personally know somebody that has and have seen the results of their purchase for myself. In the rare case where I use an affiliate link even though I have no experience of the product, I will make that clear in my post.

You’ll also find I recommend items without affiliate links, this is either because the company does not have an affiliate programme, or because while I recommend the product going by the provided photos and description, I have not had the opportunity or reason to try it myself, and decided not to include an affiliate link.

Please bear in mind that although I personally use the products I link to with affiliate links, I have no control over the purchase, so if you have a problem with delivery, packaging or the item is not as you expected, you will have to take it up with the seller; which in the case of Amazon is an excellent company when it comes to replacing or refunding orders that may not meet your expectations.